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Outlook Express Attachment Extractor for 2000/XP

Get Outlook Express Attachment Extractor for ONLY $19.95 NOW!

Taking a bunch of attachments out of Outlook Express and save them on your disk.

Version 1.62 is released. Try Now!

What is Outlook Express Attachment Extractor ?

Outlook Express Attachment Extractor can extract and save attachments out from OE messages.

Designed for busy Outlook Express users who need a more efficient way to mange high-volume attachments, especially pictures, Outlook Express Attachment Extractor provides the latest in advanced, time-saving technology.


  • Manage email attachments in a flash.
  • Save any attachments, such as image files, into a directory of your choice.
  • Save attachments from emails in outlook newsgroup format (*.nws) New
  • Set extracted attachment's created date using the mail's sending date New
  • Editable Html-based Attachment Report.
  • International Language Interface Support. New
  • Chinese Language Interface Support. New
  • Japan Language Interface Support (Thank for zvereva tatiana). New
  • Polish Language Interface Support (Thank for ShataK). New
  • Customizable sorting and sub-directory creation, based upon sender or file extension.
  • Multiple Folders Extract Wizard. New
  • Switch between different outlook express user. New
  • Remove "Fw:" and "Fwd:" strings in mail subjects.
  • Save only files above a specified size.
  • User friendly, Windows XP-style interface.
  • Support Double-Bytes Characters (Asia).
  • Options for managing your email attachments in a breeze.
  • Work with any version of Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and above.

Outlook Express Attachment Extractor runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

Release Notes

1.60 Speed up the attachments extracting, fix the listview flash problem (2008/2/14)
1.53 Fix the problem of Registery Updating in Vista (2007/06/28)
Fix the problem of File name extensions can not exceed 18 characters (2007/06/19)
Add Japan and Polish Language Files (2007/04/29)
Add International language interface support (2007/04/01)
Enhance html report
Add Online Tutorial button
Fix Save All Message (*.eml) bug
1.41 Fix fast extracting bug
1.40 Add safe extracting function
1.33 Add enhanced progressbar information
1.32 Add function to enhance error handling.
1.31 New enhanced progressbar information.
1.30 New Office 2003 style user interface.
1.28 Add function to show mail's date and time in html report.
1.27 Fix report link errors and clean temporal files.
1.26 Fix errors caused by strange attachments' naming.
Add function to record extracting error log when error occurs.
1.24 Fix register problem that oaea not write register information.
1.23 Add function to set extracted attachment's created date using the mail's sending date.
1.22 Corrected progress bar erroneously appearing when email attachments were processed
1.21 Corrected saving attachments erroneously from newsgroup mails
1.20 Add multi-folder extraction wizard for saving attachments simultaneously from mail folders
1.13 Add switch outlook express identify function
1.12 Fix topmost progress window problem


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