Outlook Image Viewer for 2000/XP/Vista

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Viewing a bunch of images from Attachments in Outlook with only 1-click.

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What is Outlook Image Viewer ?

Outlook Image Viewer is the photos and images' viewer for Outlook Users.

Outlook Image Viewer is a time-saving viewer for Outlook users who place a high value on their time to receive and browse photos, pictures and images.


  • Provide functions to view and browse Html-based Report of your favorite photos, pictures and images.
  • A Html-based Report for your favorite photos, pictures and images.
  • Let OE Users switch to Outlook XP/2003 conveniently.
  • User friendly user interface.
  • Support IE 7.0.
  • Support Asia Double-Bytes Characters.
  • Work with any version of Microsoft Outlook 2000 and above.

Outlook Image Viewer runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

Release Notes

1.41 Fix HotKey Issues.(2011/10/07)
1.40 Enhace Image Showing.(2010/08/14)
1.30 Add Toolbar with Refresh and Go Back buttons.(2008/08/02)
1.23 Fix the registery problem on Vista (2007/10/23)
1.22 Fix the toolbar position problem (2007/08/18)
1.21 Fix the problem of Registery Updating in Vista (2007/07/28)
20 Add International language interface support (2007/04/01)
Fix oiv menu problem in outlook
1.09 add GoBack function to return previous screen
fix ie 7 compatible problem
change browse view to fit windows size.
fix register dialog error.
add function to clean temp files.
enhanced browse report for documents and images.
inspect MSG-attachments recursively for attachments inside the MSG-file.
Use UTF-8 As default encoding.
Add Encoding Function.
1.00 First Release of OIV.


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