Windows Mail Attachment Extractor for Vista

Windows Mail Attachment ExtractorGet Windows Mail Attachment Extractor for ONLY $19.95 NOW!

Saving windows mail attachments and images into a directory of your choice with just three clicks.

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Preston Gralla , "Windows Mail Attachment Extractor," PC World, September, 2007

"Extract and manage attachments from Vista's Windows Mail.

If you use Vista's Windows Mail program, and often need to save attachments sent to you, give this program a try. It does exactly what its name says --- it makes it easier to save and manage attachments sent to you.

There are plenty of options here. You can, for example, have it extract only pictures, and can then save those pictures in a specific directory every time. Similarly, you can have it automatically extract document files into a specific directory. The program will also create a report of what it's done for you.

If you don't need to manage a great number of attachments, this program's not for you. But if you do get a lot of them, and want to extract all attachments from a single folder, it'll be of help."

Chris, "20 applications to help you tweak Windows Vista," Windows Vista: The Official Magazine, September 19, 2007

"Windows Mail Attachment Extractor for Vista. Handy attachment manager for Windows Mail, that saves a lot of time and effort if you receive a lot of files everyday through your email. "


  • Manage email attachments in a flash.
  • Save any attachments, such as image files, into a directory of your choice.
  • Save only files above a specified size.
  • User friendly, Windows Vista-style interface.
  • Support Double-Bytes Characters (Asia).
  • Options for managing your email attachments in a breeze.
  • Work with any version of Microsoft Windows Mail on Vista.

Windows Mail Attachment Extractor runs on Windows Vista.

Release Notes

1.10 Speed up the attachments extracting, fix the listview flash problem (2008/2/14)
1.05 Fix another problem of Registery Updating in Vista (2007/10/23)
1.04 Fix another problem of Registery Updating in Vista (2007/08/27)
Fix the problem of Registery Updating in Vista (2007/06/28)
1.02 Fix the problem of File name extensions can not exceed 18 characters (2007/06/19)
1.01 Change Program Icon
1.00 Add Windows Mail Support
0.99 Initial Version For Widows Vista


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